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Why is 31st march an important date for Taxpayers?

Income Tax

We can all agree that when a financial year comes to a close, the primary goal of taxpayers is to reduce their tax burden. On March 31, 2022, the current Financial Year 2021-22 will come to a close. For salaried taxpayers, the end of each financial year is critical. As an assessee, make sure you do a few key tasks before March 31. Not just that, it’s important to finish your personal financial to-do list by March 31. You should have completed all key financial duties for the year by March 31, allowing you to start planning for the next year. As we near the end of the fiscal year, there are a number of things that a taxpayer should consider. As a result, let us take a deeper look at a few key points that a taxpayer should think about in order to obtain a better understanding –